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Our Vision

The Foundation For Caregivers envisions a world where informal caregivers are trained in basic caregiving skills, linked to online and community resources, and recognized for the contribution they make. We believe we have a moral obligation to care for those who care for others.

Informal caregiving is a problem; one might even say a crisis, worldwide. In the US alone it consumed an estimated 37 billion person hours in 2007. This figure will continue to grow as our population ages. While there are many good caregiver services, until now, there has been no overarching strategy or funding mechanism. As a result, the programs that do exist operate in silos with little interconnection and large gaps.

The Foundation For Caregivers is the only organization to focus exclusively on funding caregiver research and nonprofit organizations providing services to ease the physical, financial, and emotional burden placed on caregivers and their families. Our caring vision, as presented in these pages, is not to “organize” caregiver services, but to “foster cooperative relationships” that leverage lessons learned and best practices worldwide while promoting the autonomy of individuals and organizations to pursue programs they feel passionate about.

Our vision is clear but success depends on funding. We are developing a unique shared-resource a-thon system that will assist but we require contributions and grants to move these programs forward.

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