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Program Overview

The Foundation For Caregivers offers an overarching vision and plan to develop the funds needed to research as well as address caregiver issues. We see our role as facilitator, rather than organizer of caregiver research and resources. The first two initiatives are outlined below.

Nonprofit Support Create a simplified funding mechanism for small to midsized nonprofits.
Rationale: Small to midsized charities are the lifeblood of our nonprofit system; they are the source of most new ideas, programs and street-level services. These organizations always struggle for funds, but are particularly hard hit during difficult economic times. 
A simplified, self-directed funding mechanism is needed, a tool that any nonprofit can use to generate the seed and operating funds needed to start and continue their service to the community.

The Foundation is developing a unique "shared resource" fundraising system, a turnkey online a-thon system that anyone can use to raise money for any cause.


Global Awareness Create global awareness of the Foundation and our initiatives.
Rationale: While the Foundation For Caregivers is developing a comprehensive program to address the informal caregiver crisis worldwide, it is a new and therefore unknown organization. To accomplish the goals set forth by the Board, the Foundation needs to become a recognized and respected global NGO.
To raise awareness and generate credibility a low/no-cost marketing program is currently underway.

The Foundation has developed and launched a series of marketing campaigns that utilize the power of the internet and social media to establish our global brand.  
This in initiative began in March of 2009. In May 2009 the Foundation was named as the TwittaCause 2009 Favorite Charity with 62% of the votes; more than 50% were from outside of the United States.


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